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Discover your AQ score

Our smart AQ (Adaptability Quotient) assessment with personal report dashboard simplifies AQ. Unique data insights make it easy to understand and improve.

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Enhance your AQ

We give your organisation the tools to measure employee, team and candidate adaptability, and the insights to improve their AQ.

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Competitive Advantage

Whilst your competitors ignore the impact of accelerating change, prioritising human adaptability in your recruitment, re-skilling, and L&D programs gives you clear advantage.

Leave no one in your organisation behind
You’re in good company
With these organizations improving their adaptability

Thrive in a world of exponential change

  • Recruit high-adaptors to secure your future
  • Invest in adaptable leadership
  • Promote effectively, by matching AQ competencies to roles
  • Identify those at risk early and provide support to reskill
  • Build more effective and diverse innovation teams
  • Speed up your transformational, leadership, and corporate restructure programs with increased success

“Adaptability is the new competitive advantage”


Harvard Business Review

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