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At Adaptai, we believe we can accomplish so much more together than we can alone. That’s why we’re building a network of collaborators and experts, in order to create a new operating system for change. This is the AQ community.

UNLEARN: The future of work

To help us transition to this new operating system, we hosted UNLEARN: The Future of Work, as part of a exclusive event series, a small gathering of game-changers and pioneers to discuss and share ideas for the future global workforce in a world of accelerating change. This marks an important milestone in not only understanding the changes that technology and radical thought-shifts will have on the workplace, but also our identity as human beings. In the words of Nicola Strong, author of a paper on coaching chatbots: ‘Technology is one part, but for me it’s actually helping us to find out who we are.’

Exponential change

We’re shifting from a linear world (where we look to the past to make predictions about the future, where we move in straight logical steps) to an exponential one (where every step we double the distance we travelled previously, where the past cannot help us predict the future). The reality is, humans are not adapting as fast as technology is, which is creating significant friction-points. As a result, mental-health issues are at all all-time high. We must act now to leave no-one behind. 

From surviving to thriving

The focus of this event was: to help leaders learn how we might use AQ to better identify candidates for new roles that require skills to adapt; to reduce the high costs of continual hiring, and focus on re-skilling; to shift from surviving, through growth and into a thriving future; transform how we identify, develop and nurture talent; preparing our workforces and organisations for tomorrow; discover the mindsets for highly adaptable leaders; and invite those attending to become one of the first companies to discover the AQ profiles of their people.

We hope to continue to go forward bearing the optimism and hope of the event, and we invite you to become a part of that journey too.

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